Advanced content analysis for your organization

IRMA Enterprise is a flexible file analysis platform, using multiple analysis engines to increase threat detection and provide assurance in many different use cases

Use Cases

The primary use cases for IRMA Enterprise

Manual analysis

Enable your IT Security staff to quickly analyze content and resolve security incidents faster

USB Management

Mitigate the risk that portable storage devices pose to your enterprise and increase security awareness amongst your staff

Automated analysis

Increase malware detection rates for existing security appliances, proxy servers or endpoint software

High security

Highly secure environments such as critical infrastructure or industrial facilities are particularly exposed to portable storage devices as an attack vector. IRMA Enterprise helps mitigate this risk by implementing controls on the flow of such devices

Key Benefits


Designed for on-premise deployment for sensitive and/or disconnected environments


Flexible integration with many existing appliances or workflows


Full support and documentation for customization

Credible Backing

Backed and developed by a specialized security research and reverse engineering company

How it works