Hardware requirements

IRMA has been designed as a three parts system with the Frontend, the Brain and one or multiple Probes. These components can be installed on a unique or on multiple hosts.

The Frontend and the Brain must be installed on a GNU/Linux system. We recommend to use a Debian Stable distribution which is supported and known to work.

According to the kind of probes and their dependencies, each analyzers can share the same host, as far as they do not interfere with each other, or be installed on separate ones. So forth, only Debian Stable and Microsoft Windows 10 hosts have been tested.

Download pre-packaged appliance

A complete version of IRMA is available as virtual image disk. You can easily import it in Vmware or VirtualBox. The virtual machine is mainly a Debian 8.2 os with irma packages installed. This demo version is shipped with 1 Linux AVs (ClamAV) ready but you can add as much analyzers as you want. Typical hardware configuration for the demo virtual machine is 2 virtual cpus and 2 GB of ram.

WARNING: This box has been automatically generated with Vagrant. Make sure to change the default credentials (vagrant/vagrant) and "insecure" ssh key before connecting to the network.

irma v2.0 f96a2c6e9021bf867989e003af24699002a14594a88cddb3259da0f1c27a77e0
irma v1.5 b3e616a701a61256b9498110295a61db6ad9422ae48415f8290f05a114ca67c4
irma v1.4 f997d4e62842bbe46f8687bd5a5875c9d261f22e42b83bc603a23145f3f62082
irma v1.3 5a5bbefd1edf4e9aaaa6ade1481376f6e9d8404b9d4caeb8586c2f7a1af1cc82
irma v1.2 ad508100fd7c3b3f3856f8e3d0bb2fc4ff03c026927693c6e2072cbca193be71
irma v1.1 8ce739df45524e2ebfa570be3dff45eeca2e259d31f6d0ce4be43ad90755cc28

Automated (fast) install

WARNING some Ansible version ( breaks IRMA install we are currently using

If not installed yet, download and install virtualbox, vagrant (1.9 or higher) and ansible (recommanded version:

              $ git clone https://github.com/quarkslab/irma
              $ cd ansible
              $ vagrant up

WARNING: The automated install cannot be run from Windows due to Ansible limitations.

Source (slow) install

          $ git clone https://github.com/quarkslab/irma

For detailed instructions, please refer to the documentation hosted on readthedocs.org.